LEMD Airport Broken ☠️

Device: iPhone 13 Pro
Operating system: IOS

Was going an Event flight for @FedExVirtual at LEMD and when I spawn into LEMD I get no 3D building no taxi light nothing but concrete but other pilots at FedEx can see everything but me I have reset my game redownloaded it and even reset the scenery Cache in game settings 💀 I thought it was the plane so I did a few Different ones to see and sure enough same issues

Airport is a work in progress. Go into your settings, select “Hide in Progress Airports,” and you’ll be good. As an editor, you’ll see live changes to airports.


Isn’t it complete and released? I’m not an editor but I was able to see the 3D buildings?

I did what you said and still nothing but flat land 😢

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You have to restart the app after that, it should do the work.

Okay will give it a try wish me luck

Your version is now considered a V1 release. An editor is hard at work reworking the airport from scratch for an even better V2.

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Keep in mind that as you are an editor, you should be careful with which airports you are sharing. Sharing WIP pictures are strictly at the discretion of the editor(s).


After a 5 redownloaded of IF and doing what you said it worked for me thanks so much

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