LEMD 36R - 18L Back taxi?


I just landed at LEMD airport on runway 36R. I did not know that I cant turn left or right to exit the runway so I can park the plane. I think the only solution is to back taxi from 18L to runway 36R? I’m on expert server right now and dont wanna make a mistake so can anyone please help? Im still waiting on runway 18L. Thanks!

Back taxi if there is no exits then

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there is no ‘’ back taxi ‘’ option available in the ATC. I guess its because there is no controller? So should i just continue taxiing to the parking from the runway without saying anything ?

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That’s fine, you don’t want to stay on the runway for too long anyway as you can be ghosted for that. Also, if there is no traffic around, it’s not a big problem.


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Im not on the runway im on the side of it

36R at LEMD isn’t used for landings as far as I know for this precise reason- there are no taxiway exits at the end of the runway. The 18L side however is used for landings frequently.

You should turn around and backtaxi off the runway quickly so that you don’t hold up traffic.

U don’t need to announce…just turn around from the back taxi line present at the end of the runway…and if it’s unicom then announce clear of all runways after back taxiing and exiting runway or if there’s atc then exit runway amd tune to ground frequency requesting taxi to parking

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Thanks!! :)


I think you should say crossing runway when back taxiing and then clear of all runways when out of the runway. Or am I wrong?

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That’s generally what I do as it’s the best available option but I don’t think there is a standard procedure for back taxiing anyway. :D

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Yes, but when using Unicom I think you should do this.

Absolutely, because when you are connected to ATC it’s the controller’s duty to establish when/if they need to give you back taxi clearance. (I meant there is no unicom procedure for back taxiing)

Here is a tutorial on how to back taxi with ATC. :)

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At LEMD neither of the 36s or 14s are ever used for landing because you have to land over the terminals or another runway.

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That’s fine.Just make sure no one is on short final or taking off before you back taxi.

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