LELN Tower [CLOSED] Training Server

Come to the north of Spain for some pattern work at this regional airport.


I’ll stop by! Callsign: N90D

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I crashed 200 ft in the air…

We see you floating still in mid air hahaha

Im trying to take a screenshot…

Nice job! One thing I was a little confused about: when you asked my intentions. You don’t need to ask what I’m doing before you clear me. Just clear me for the option. The option means I can either land, or perform a touch and go. It’s not needed, but a pilot may tell you what he is doing: ex. On left base runway 23, touch and go.

Thanks for the service, see you around!

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Oh yes, my intention was just to use it as an incentive so you would send more ATC commands, you know, to make it more interesting as there was little traffic.

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