Short but sweet flight for today! A nice flight that took me north over France and Started my decent over Paris. Then a nice smooth approach and landing onto R25L at Brussels.

Airline: Brussels Airlines
Callsign: bee line 695
Departure time: 16:32
Top of decent:17:39
Arrival time: 18:12
Total flight time: 1h 54
Landing: butter😎
Cruising alt: FL340
Mach speed: 0.85
Ground speed 530kts - 608kts

At gate in LELN

Departure from LELN

Top of decent with Charles De Gaulle in the background

Landing R25L at EBBR

At gate in EBBR

Enjoy the pictures!


Love it! Did you know there’s a citizen platform at the city asking for flights from LELN to EBBR as hub? What an odd coincidence haha

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