Leifjt’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

KDAL Winds 190@10 Gusts 19KT
Landing and Departing 13R and 13L

Come help me practice for IFATC!

N25513, I’ll be stopping by.

Coming. AAVA2549

Ok! Would you like feedback through here or PM?

Pm. Thanks for comeing. Sorry it was so short. Forgot about a commitment I made earlier.

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KDAL Winds 190@10 Gusts 19KT
Landing and Departing 13R and 13L

Come help me practice for IFATC!

I’m coming

You forgot to sequence @Ray_Wang on his first pattern.You were suppose to tell me “IFA1 cleared for the option after the option after the option make left traffic” after I requested runway changed and after you gave me a pattern entry, not cleared to land.You also forgot to give me an exit runway command to.Keep practicing and you will be in IFATC in no time!

I suggest you watch this video:

Any questions you can add in this thread ATC questions tracking thread


Thanks for feedback.

And same with this one

And when you give @Plnelovr “give way” instructors was not very properly
That’s all I want to say, other was great, keep up the good job


Updated KDAL winds 170@12 Gusts 22KT

Your pattern work was good, no complaints there. The only thing that I had a problem with was your transition, 12,000 feet is much to high, since the airport is located at about 500 feet I would have given a transition at 3,500 feet. 12,000 feet is well above your airspace which only extended up to 4400 feet.


Alright. Thanks

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Now open @KDAL on TS.

KDAL Winds 000@00

Using Runways 31R and 31L

23:00 - 23:35Z 😊

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I will be there

You did great!
I requested freq change and you gave me the already instructed to: good job
Clearances were 👌
Transition altitude was too high. Shoulda been 3,000 instead of 3,500. KDAL is 485 ft. So bump that to 500, add 1,500 for patterns, and another thousand for spacing, thats 3,000ft.
You corrected your mistake when I announced inbound, good job.
When I announced on final, you said “already cleared to land” good job.
My exit runway instruction was perfect and on time.
Overall amazing session!
Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

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Now OPEN at KEGE airport on TS

Winds 220@15KT

Landing and Departing rwy 25

KEGE Altitude 6,540ft

21:00 - 21:45Z

Hey all still open for another 25 Minutes on TS!!!

Sorry bout that bad super decathlon flight. It was very hard to use

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Lol! All good.