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Evening Guys,



Come along

Harry :D




Hope to see you there.

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Hey Harry, could you change the title of this thread to your ATC tracking thread? Therefore, if you have any other operations you do, you can just post it here. Thanks!

I sent feedback on PM! I advise you look at the tutorials The Art of Sequencing , Ground Control Tutorial The Perfect ATC Test and watch them again and again… Please watch the tutorials for some very important info when being tower and ground and have a happy holidays! Practice makes perfect and if you keep practicing maybe next year you will most definitely have a shot like I am as well

Thanks for taking the time to read my comments and have a great Holidays!

Sorry about that pushback 😳😂.Nice job 👌.

I keep falling through the map when I spawn in

Hi, I was MU-BA, the cirrus SR22.

Overall you were good. But the main issue I found was that you didn’t sequence me at all in any of my patterns. Sequence means you number me and tell me who to follow. Do not wait until someone reports their position on final to give them their option clearance. Remember this: Sequence, clear, and you’re done.

  • Sequence them: number then and tell them who to follow in the pattern. Example: MU-BA, number 2, traffic to follow is on final.
  • Clear them: you should immediately clear them for the option after giving them their sequence. Example: MU-BA, number 2, cleared for the option.
  • watch the madness unfold.

Thanks for your feedback guys,

First time having a proper go! :D

Just a small thing, you spelled ground wrong

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