Legit violations?

I some how managed to get 6 violations a few days ago while flying level a/p approx 240kts at 11k in the training server 1, and had to step away for the restroom. I was under the impression that speed was restricted under 10k, but not above. So could those be speed restrictions established by individual controllers in the sim, or a glitch? It’s not a huge deal, but I do take a little pride in not flying like a punk and keeping my violations at 0.


Which aircraft?

There’s a 550 Knot Ground Speed limit between 10,000 feet and FL400. This plays affect in all commercial aircraft. Not in affect for fighters, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually lower then that for GAs

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Overspeed is the likely cause, but without more specific detail it’s hard to be sure.
Each aircraft has its own maximum speed tolerances which can vary at different altitudes.
For example you couldn’t get a overspeed violation flying a A321 at 240 knots, FL120, but trying to do that in a Cessna you could.


I got several violations yesterday because I set the autopilot to maintain 10,000ft, which was foolish of me because obviously the autopilot can’t maintain such a precise altitude, and so it maintained about 9,950ft. This would have been fine if not for the fact that I was travelling at 260kts. Lesson learned.

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Irrelevant for commercial aircraft since hardcoded limit is now M.87, which even with max tailwind does not equal 550 KTS ground speed.

I also had a mysterious set of violations around the same range in a 787. 240 IAS, around FL130. Perhaps a bug that needs looked into.

Thanks for clearing that up

This is one reason for my suggestion to put violations and ghosting in the atc log section so you can look back and see what happened. Bottom line is don’t leave your device unattended. Pilots don’t, you shouldn’t either.


Isn’t that what A/P is for?

MaxAsk: insufficient data to draw a conclusion! AP’s have a tendency to “kick out” without warning. If that’s the case in this incident the disconnect will cause a sudden loss of control & eventual stall. What was the flight profile of your aircraft upon reassuming a physical presence in the cockpit?

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