Legendary Locations

What are some areas or airports that are significant to Infinite Flight? This could be anything from popularity & usage to difficult community-famous approaches to default airports the devs mention or use a lot.

My choices would probably be L35 (Big Bear City) in SoCal (used quite often for a class Echo) and KASE (Aspen) in Denver due to its approach, usage, and appearance in a past FNF event. What are yours?


Where is NUC

Los Angeles. It is San Clemente.

goodyear blimp base

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I know that. It just popped out as such an obvious choice (Lots of traffic at LAX, NUC, PSP, and SAN) so I said “Where is NUC” (As in why is it not listed)

Because I’m just naming 2, I’ll let the community figure out the rest.

@Captain_Damian He meant in IF not realworld.

I would say WN47 in Seattle is one of the trickier locations. :)

For me KATW as I can do touch and goes there in a Cessna 172 like I do in real life! :)

Let me steer the convo in the right direction… Surprised nobody’s mentioned KHAF

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KSFO wasn’t that the first region available and home of the developers.


KHAF, It is a popular Echo in San Francisco.

Especially on the free flight server

I think KPSP. KPSP is such a beautiful descent. As your descending you get to the mountains on top of that the windspeeds are crazily high. I was landing at KONT today and passed KPSP got 25kts of wind. So KPSP for the win! :D And also not to mention the amazingly nice long wide runway.


I like KPSP but there’s this one pesky mountain that’s really close to the runway and is a challenge to maneuver around and prepare for landing. I’ve named the mountain Pedro of Palm Springs


EDDL because the runways are not too small and it is great to simulate emergency landings because the terrain is very flat. (And because i can see 20 seconds after take off My house :) )

SanFran Region; 17CL- Las Trancas! Only skilled GA aviator need apply.
Max Sends

Definitely London City!
London City because of the short runway, water on both ends of the runway and that wicked crazy glideslope :D.

EHAM nice big airport and i live close to it