[Leg One Complete] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Farewell Owen @CYOW - 081600ZDEC18

Owen, @OC212, one of our long time staff members will be leaving. He has done so much for ACVA it was only right we made him an event, like with Jack around 4 months ago. We’re sad he is leaving, but he will do great in his next role! For this special flight we will pilot a A321 to two destinations, finally stopping in Vancouver. Come and show your support for Owen on this ceremonial flight.

A note from our CEO @natedog508

Owen joined our VA as a result of a sloppy partnership with the IFFG ACVA. In the beginning, not many of us got along. Little did we know Owen would be one of the more influential people in our VA. He came up with so many ideas that have shaped us for the better. I am forever grateful for what he has done for our VA. On behalf of all of us, I thank you, Owen, for everything you have done.

Flight Details

Server - Expert Server [Expert]

Aircraft - A321 [A321]
- Livery - Air Canada

Leg One

Departure Airport - Ottawa Macdonald Cartier [CYOW]

Flight Time - CYOW - CYYZ [57m]

Arrival Airport - Toronto Lester B Pearsons Intl’ [CYYZ]

We will stop on the ground for 10 minutes for people to either join, or leave us.

Leg Two

Departure Airport - Toronto Lester B Pearsons Intl’ [CYYZ]

Flight Time - CYYZ - CYVR [4h 47m]

Arrival Airport - Vancouver International [CYVR]

Date - Saturday - December 8, 2018 4:00 PM

1600 Zulu


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before or scedualed departure time

  • Listen to all instructions by ATC to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • Please note you dont have to come to both legs, but you can if you want!

  • After you land stick around for some photos!

Flight Plan


Leg One


Leg Two

CYYZ 4408N/8029W 4501N/8149W 4517N/8214W 4524N/8225W 4550N/8324W 5007N/9154W 5130N/10000W 5130N/11000W SPRAE 4947N/12101W 4931N/12203W CYVR

Cruising Speed - 255 knots [M 0.78]

Cruising Altitude - 32,000ft

Expert ATC will be available at this event


You do not need to be in ACVA to partake on this event

Gate 01 @Xpira ACVA 003 [Flight Leader]
Gate 03 @OC212 ACVA 005
Gate 05 @Matei27 ACVA 145
Gate 06 @Shane_Cullen ACVA 251
Gate 07 @Jonas05 ACVA 150
Gate 08 @PedroG ACVA 137
Gate 09 @David_Santy_Rodrigue
Gate 10 @Rishon_R ACVA 777
Gate 11 @TenMileJones ACVA 11
Gate 12 @Mazen_Selim
Gate 13 @Pranjal_Agrawal

[More Gates Availible]


Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Community Thread:
Air Canada Virtual Offical

Air Canada Virtual Website:
Air Canada Virtual’s Website

Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios, bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara, bon voyage, cheers

You will be missed. 🙂


arrivederci Owen (nemo ;)) it was a pleasure working with you!! Good luck ;) || grazie per tutti l’hai fatto || thank you for all you did 🙂


Slán go fóill, Owen. Best of luck with everything.

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I will join for leg 1. Don’t know about leg 2.could you give me gate 3? ACVA184

@Xpira you put CYOW to CYYZ twice. Also I will miss you @OC212. It’s a good thing that I signed up with NSV, before you left.

No, Kamikaze (ACVA 192) is not leaving


Didn’t catch that, thanks.

Put me in

Leg1 ACVA251!

leg 1 ACVA 150 any gate

Me please for one last time-ACVA 005

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So sad to see Owen go… I’m up for leg 2. Any gate is OK, ACVA137

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May i have gate 09

I would like a gate for leg 1. Callsign: Air Canada 777

I’ll take any gate, Air Canada 11 please

I will take any gate, Air Canada 599

Event is in 1 h 30 m!

Make sure you guys are ready

Event is in 10mins.

Last min signups are available until 1600Z.

Leg one complete. Leg two will start in roughly ten mins.

I would like to thank every person for attending this event and also thank the people for leaving these lovely messages! It was a pleasure working at ACVA and everyday they was something that would make my day -even if was hard sometimes. Thanks everyone at ACVA for a great 7 months!