Left/Right Upwind Option for Pilots

An “Extend Upwind” option is available for ATC but not for pilots. And those who don’t know what an Upwind, or a pattern, is, here you go:



“Extend upwind” is not available for ATC, just “extend downwind”

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I thought extend upwind option was available?

I am almost 100% certain it is not.

Upwind isnt on Right Position…

No, it’s just the opposite to downwind when doing pattern work

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ok thx am will be checked :-) Ive a some Problems but not much.

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I saw it once when I was ATC

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Sorry guys, I was wrong :(


Very wrong Carson why would you need this for Unicom though might I ask? unless on a go around due to traffic on the runway. Which people will already know where you are as you called for a Go around until you turn crosswind.

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It’s okay John, I already PMed him a screenshot of the “Extend Upwind” option (since there can’t be more than one picture in a features topic) ;)

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