Left & Right Traffic, what do you do

What do you do if ATC says make Left Traffic but your flight plan tells you to turn right, what do you do?

I think youshould listen to ATC but I don’t have a Live+ so I can’t tell exactly

and then you have to do your flight plan all over again…

Ehm if you have a flightplan you don’t should ask remaining in the pattern, so this problem Will never come.


Like @DS2001 said, you’re asking for the wrong thing when asking for takeoff.

You can only get one of those responses if you’re asking to remain in the pattern, which you can’t be if you have a FPL heading away from the airport :)

Have a look at this tutorial:


If you are going to depart to another airport, never say “remaining in the pattern” or you will most likely be told to check help pages. View the tutorial @schyllberg linked above for more information. In summary, say “departing (N, S, E, W, or straight out)” if you have a flight plan filed to another airport.


If in case you are flying to another airport and you have a FP. (If it has ATC) you should always always listen to ATC!

Because they are right ;)

no, seriously: I wondered why, too. Btw, it doesn’t increase the readability of the postings…

In this case, i actually think you’re right.
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