Left/Right Traffic on Final

When you tell a unicom that you’re inbound, there are 3 options: Left Traffic, Right Traffic, and Straight In. How exactly does one make right/left traffic for a runway? I thought you were supposed to lock to the ILS which would make it straight in

It’s essentially like pattern work or a go-around in a way. Let’s say that Runway 14 (one side) has bad weather conditions, while Runway 20 (other side) (obviously random numbers) is open, and you want to land at Runway 20. However, you’re heading towards Runway 14. So, you can go to left/right traffic of Runway 20 to land. You still fly far enough so that you can turn around and intercept the Localizer.
This may be wrong or may not make any sense but that’s the best explanarion that I could think of.


Usually you announce inbound around 20 nautical miles away, well away from the ILS, you announce whether you need to turn right or turn left to align for the runway


No that makes sense, thanks

oh lol I’m way too close when I do that then

MaxSez: Just a word to the wise. Liners don’t do short finals, That’s for little birds and peanuts. I prefer a 20 mike Approach at uncontrolled fields and hope the Trainee Controllers on TS-1 has his head out of his, OhMy, on straight. Pax Comfort and good airmanship make jack an aviator…anybody can be a PP Pilot & flat hat… G’day


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