Left off landing list

I had enough landings to easily be number one this week but was not included on the list at all.

What gives?

How many did you have?

I had about 530 or so. I don’t know the exact number.

Were they all on Live servers?

Wrong account 😂 Did you check when the list was last updated?


The leaderboard is for weekly landings.

Correct me if I’m wrong

The leaderboard doesn’t update live so you will most likely show up for when it refreshes next, that is if you accomplished those 530 landings within this past week.

Usually they take a while to update

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Sunday is the day the weekly totals update. It says it updates at 1500 UTC but it is usually AFTER that by a few hours because I have paid attention. I started doing my landings a few days before the update and on Sunday when it updated I wasn’t on the list- impossible with 530 landings. So there must be a reason.

Note: I am trying again this week and will see next Sunday night what happens on the new list

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