Left app and flight ended

Was just kicked out of the server as I left the app for about 30 seconds in cruise, this is new. I have done this before and it hasn’t ended my flight.
This seems a bit harsh in all honesty, as sometimes it is unavoidable.

The app kicks you out after 30 seconds so this is why your flight ended

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Usually happens when you leave the app for too long.

Like i said it hasn’t happened before and I’ve done this a few times.

Unfortunately this isn’t really something the Devs can control since IF takes up a lot of your devices operating power.

I think this is only an android issue. The code wont allow background apps to be open. Expessilaly ones that take up that much power

It’s an iPhone and it’s a built in thing in the app, nothing to do with the phone, as I had a message pop up saying not to leave the app and my flight will disconnect

Its a bit random as to how long it takes for IF to force quit if you leave the app. It can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes from my experience.

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I’ve found that if I am doing a long haul if I leave the app for more than 5 seconds the app will end the flight. When I am doing a short haul it can be up to 40 seconds. I believe that the app ends the flight because your device is trying to comprehend to many things at one time.

I don’t think you have read my posts, or are talking about something else off topic. I didn’t mention a crash, it is built into the app to end the flight if you leave the app for too long. It’s nothing to do with the device.

I rephrased my self.

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