Leeds Bradford Radar

When I log on to ATC and click on EGNM it only has EGNM Tower, EGNM Approach and EGNM ATIS but in real life it would have EGNM Tower ATIS Approach and Radar if you type in Leeds Bradford Frequencies and I have flown out of it and heard all the Radar frequencies

Currently Radar (Center) isn’t supported in Infinite Flight. Tower, Ground, Approach, Departure, and ATIS are though.

Read why Center was removed:

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@Balloonchaser ok that will be why then thank you for that

Don’t worry. It might come back soon :)

Was it originally in infinite flight and removed or something???

Centre ATC used to be in IF but was removed in the Global update.

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@David_Beckett it would be useful in the global for my trans-Atlantic flights from EGLL-KJFK or something like that

I think center was removed because most people aren’t at their phone at cruise so center became redundant.

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@andrew236 do you know if they’ll add it back

The approach frequency at EGNM is Leeds Radar on 134.580. You can call it Leeds Approach as IF does or Leeds Radar as it is in rl, it is the same tho.

There is no Leeds centre frequency. The centre frequencies if you are at higher altitudes for that area would be London Control to the south and Scottish Control to the north.

EGNM has the following ATC positions in rl:

  • Leeds Radar (approach): 134.580 (centre will hand you off to Leeds Radar)
  • Leeds Director: 125.380 (another approach frequency for final approach sequencing, rarely ever used)
  • Leeds Tower: 120.305
  • Leeds Delivery: 121.805
  • Leeds ATIS: 118.030

The normal sequence of ATC frequencies if coming from the south to EGNM would be London Centre->Scottish Control*->Leeds Radar->Leeds Tower.

*depending on routing

EDIT: just to add, IF shows Leeds Approach as 125.57. This seems to be a very old approach frequency from 2010 (although incorrectly still shown on skyvector as current). It isn’t a current EGNM frequency tho but I think it stopped being used in 2012 when approach became 133.125, which changed again in 2016 to the current one.


@ATK ok cool That’s great

I honestly have no idea.

@andrew236 there might not be much of a chance for Radar and Centre to come back

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