LED CRJ Cabin Lights

Usually when cabin lights are added to an aircraft, they come out yellowish like so:

However, the CRJ gives off a beautiful blueish light from the cabin. I’m not sure if they’re LED, but I’d like for them to be different from other aircraft’s cabin lights, like so:


Credits: @ Nathan Zalcman

Simple request, but would add to the beauty and realism of this aircraft.

Looks great! You got my vote!

All cabin lights have the LED effect usually. It’s just on IF they are slightly yellow and more so like halogen lights.


I think it would be interesting to see in IF.

You Got my Vote As Well! Love this Request

Yes LED’s have the blue xenon kind of effect. Haven’t you seen Buses?


Maybe that’s because the other aircraft have warm white fluorescent tubes installed 😂
I think this would be a great feature of the CRJ.

Doesn’t that need dynamic lighting?

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If you’re talking about all that light emitting from the bottom, then no, that’s not what this feature request is for.

Also @Chatta290 sorry, I got confused with how you worded your sentence.

I thought you meant all cabin lights on Infinite Flight have LED lights.