Leaving to somewhere colder | Tampa Fly-Out | 16DEC22 (Ended)

Woah! Another new event!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen. An event right before I travel. As you may know, Florida usually does not get cold during the winter time generally. Sometimes, people may just want to escape the heat into the cold. This will simulate some departures out of Tampa, Florida. Lets dive in to the info now!

Basic event rules

Read these before signing up.

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If ATC is not active, use Unicom Properly
  • This is on expert so do follow guidelines.
  • Be kind to others when conversing about the fly-out.

Now that we have seen the rules and summary lets see what will happen in more detail

Gates are not assigned now! But I do know that some people want a realistic flight. Here is the terminal info

Terminal A serves: United, Jetblue, Silver.
Terminal C serves: Breeze, Avelo, Alaska, Southwest
Terminal E serves: Delta, Frontier, Air Canada
Terminal F serves: WestJet, Virgin Atlantic, Copa, British Airways, AirTransat, Edelweiss, Various others (does not have active game livery)

You may specify where you are going in the replies below. If you are attending, please click going.

Current destinations being flown in event
ICAO | # of flights to destination
ICAO | # of flights to destination
ICAO | # of flights to destination
ICAO | # of flights to destination
ICAO | # of flights to destination

More will be added later.

Hope you can join!


(Stay tuned for a new TS event I will make!)


I would take the Edelweiss A330 but in which server is it?


It’s on the Expert Server. It just wasn’t pointed out. Bullet point 3 under Basic event rules “This is on expert so do follow guidelines.”

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Ok then I cant join.


I’ll fly to EGLL in a Virgin Atlantic A330

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Bumping this ig?


I’m in United going to cyow

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Great choice! Please simply click going to notify me that you are coming.

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