Leaving the App When on Approach

Before we get too far, yes, I understand we all have things come up. Phone calls. Other stuff. Thingso which occasionally forces us to leave the app.

However, over just the past 36 hours, I’ve had at least 5 pilots set their approach auto-land, leave, disappear from RADAR, only to return right at minimums for the runway. That’s too consistent to be a coincidence.

If you do this, ATC cannot see you, and when you reappear right at the threshold, you are likely to cause an incursion.

I also had two pilots in as many days line up on the runway, leave for over 5 minutes, then return as if the command from 5 or 10 minutes ago is still valid.

When you leave the app, you disappear from RADAR. Aside from extraneous circumstances, this should not be common practice. Auto-land is not a 5 minute license to leave and scroll through FB. We need to know where you are.


I thought the airplane stops flying when you leave the app, even on Live?


That’s what I used to think, too, but it only does that in solo. On live, the plane continues flying; just unseen by RADAR.

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It temporarily disconnects then it reconnects to live when bak in the app


I presume people do this as they don’t want to quit the flight and lose the XP.

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Sometimes the problem is in the network, but in this situation I’m looking for an alternative airport for landing

Something they are welcome to do when not being actively controlled or in actively controlled airspace.

When you disappear from an approach controller’s RADAR, he can’t vector you. Which means when you reappear, you most likely won’t be in line.

When you disappear from tower, you severely disrupt sequencing. If someone disappears for five minutes, I’m not sequencing as if they are in line, but then they reappear, surely enough, two miles out (or worse) and now someone has to go around or there’s a runway incursion with a pilot on the ground.

As far as XP go: You get the bulk of your points from landings. Meaning 5 minutes of touch and goes in a Cessna will get you 10 times the XP of a 2 hour circle around the region with one landing.


Unfortunately this won’t reach everyone, but it’s one of the most complained about things by controllers.
Imagine having 12 planes sequenced with 5 mile spacing on a tight downwind, base, to ILS intercept approach. One plane leaves the app to message someone on Facebook. They are gone off the map for only 20 seconds, but in that time have missed the turn to intercept ILS. Now the guy behind him is about to turn to intercept. If I turn the disappearing guy back to intercept after going through the localizer, it completely screwed spacing with the guy behind him.

If you need to do something outside of the app, please just end your flight before doing it.


Things happen. Sometimes your internet just drops out resulting in the following.

I’m not losing my XP just because it makes someone else unhappy.

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IF needs a time out feature, i admit this happens to me sometimes even when i decline a call it takes a good 10-15 seconds to reconnect.


I know personally when leaving the app and coming back quickly then the app restart and i lose everything , i think this may be more a connection issue…

There already is one on most phones. It’s called a Do Not Disturb button you can turn on to prevent incoming calls

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Talking about IF, when you are inactive for a while it times out your connection. Like an AFK regulator on games

@Tim_B… TR-1 or Expert Server?

Just making it so you don’t disappear doesn’t solve the problem. If you are still there but not responding you are just as much of a problem.

My new policy will be to send anyone not paying attention or disappearing to the back of the line. This should solve zbelles need to retain XP. You can continue to fly and disappear until I close my atc station.

@Maxmustang expert.

That’s what diversion airfields are for! :-D

I’m afraid calls are in many ways far more important than I.F. Especially if they’re from your girlfriend…


So its because people are distracted?

Not Internet issues?

I think it’s unlikely for so many people to make the effort of flying a long distance just to switch off for ‘facebook’ at the most interesting point in their flight.

Think its just Internet issues.

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@AR_AR… Note Expert Server! @Tim_B, As a matter of interest, are you a trainee Controller or IFATC? No matter which, your point is valid. Please identify the server next time you post an ATC related Topic. I tend to ignore TR-1 Topics. There a waste of time often. Max

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The internet is never 100% reliable.

For anything.