Leaving SFO


I especially liked this photo since we departed from runway 1L.

This was in the training server on April 7th, 4:00 pm


nice photos! welcome to the community!

Nice screenshots!

For future reference, do make sure to remove the display name of the aircraft (the AirFrance 741 Super part) to comply with the rules of the category. It’s no biggie, but something to look out for next time you share screenshots. Welcome to the community :)

Those are some nice photos! Welcome to the Community!

What a way to start in the community! Great pictures! A warm welcome to you! Below you may find a post on how to get started with the IFC.

Thanks for sharing!


Love the photos! SFO is my home airport, thanks for stopping by! One question. WHY IN THE HECK IS AN A380 HOLDING SHORT OF THE SHORTEST RUNWAY AT SFO?

I’ve never flown out of SFO, but I do sure control it quite often

Chillax with the caps mate, no need for it at all.

As there are aircraft tags, it is unfortunately against the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category. If you’d like to know how to do that, please feel free to let me know.

Welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy your time here!

Hehe sorry. One question. What are aircraft tags?

I looked back at those photos and thought the same thing. However, I did see an interesting IRL video of a British airways taking off from runway 1R, so you might wanna check that out.

Yes, I would love to know how to eliminate aircraft tags. thanks

But, is it just in settings, because I know how to do that.

Yes, it is in the settings.

@MrAirplaneGeek, to answer your question, it’s the tag above the aircraft with the callsign, display name, speed, altitude, etc.

Ohh yeah i figured. Thanks, It always seems to ruin my most beautiful screenshots

Cool, will do that. thanks for all the help.

It’s rare, but there has been an instance where an Air France A380 departed this runway when it was insanely light ;)

Nice pictures though! Always love seeing people fly out of San Francisco!