Leaving Seattle For Good! SEA-ATL Trip Report!

Hello, IFC!

Recently, I moved to France! That means no more Seattle spotting topics! YAY!

The flight had 2 legs. SEA-ATL-CDG. This trip report only covers the first leg of the flight.

I arrive in Seatac 2 days in advance and get swabbed in the nose, which is required to travel in Europe.

Result Negative


I arrive at Seatac 2 days later for my flight, and I am greeted by a very incompetent baggage logger-inner idek what the job is called but they were having a rough day that’s for sure.

I did not take pictures of the airport because I had to handle 6 bags and 3 siblings and it was very hard.

Fast forward, I pass security, TSA takes my carrots as hostages, I go to mcdonalds in the B gates then I go spotting at my gate, B1.

After an hour of planespotting and making sure that my siblings don’t do something stupid, I saw today’s ride parking at the gate. The beautiful Delta 737-990ER with Split Scimitars.

I was allowed to board first and I settled myself in 12A, a window seat in comfort+.

The seat was nice, there was more than enough legroom and I had a nice view of the GE90 :P.

Every single seat was taken on today’s flight, so it was very heavy and it took a long time to get everyone on board. We ended up taking off 30 minutes late because one guy didn’t figure out how to read the seat numbers and he argued with FAs over which seat was F and which was D.

We taxiied and did a nice turn and burn with the legendary buzzsaw engine sound powering us down the runway. As the wheels lifted off the ground and I left seattle for good, I was admiring the S gates from the sky when one of my siblings threw a thomas the train toy at my head and I was knocked out for the remainder of the flight. The end.

Just kidding :)

After a long and slow climb up to 31,000 feet, drinks and snaccs were served but there were no clorox wipes this time :(. I took a diet coke to accompany my fish biscuits and chocolate chip clif bar. After orally consuming these nutrients, I settled on a little nap. I woke up above idaho and then just chilled for 4 hours, looking for other planes out the window.

As we started our descent into the Atlanta area, many planes were visible and I could see some thunderstorms in the distance. Obviously :)

We did a nice low approach above the downtown of Atlanta then did a triple parallel landing with an A319 and another 737! We buttered on 26R and then parked at the westernmost gate. Our next plane was on the easternmost gate, which would turn out to be quite the journey, but that’s for the next trip report!

Thank you for reading through this and thank you to all that tracked me!

Goodbye USA :’(

Hello Baguette land :~)


Nice trip report @Robertine! Have a happy life in in France!


Great shots! Enjoy your trip :)

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Nice tripreport!


Thank you everyone!


I don’t think the 737 has GE90s 😂

Nice Trip Report!


Saying Sea-ATL sounds like Seattle

Enjoy your trip, and baguettes




Cool trip report. Bitter sweet ur leaving the US before we could meet up but I know that this is a big step in a new chapter in your life. 🎉🤧 Now our chats are gonna be even more wack because of time zones. 😔

Keep us in the loop!!!


Very funi trip report. Really sad that there was no Clorox for a snacc 😔

Have a great time in France!


Can we just stop and admire the fact that he’s leaving Seattle yet his first let is literally SEA-ATL?


I said that lol

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Even more admiration of the fact then xD


This comment chain

Yes it does

Great photos, enjoy France and baguettes

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Also i forgot to add this picture

It is my snack as well as the IFC :)
(And WFC)

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I can’t wait to become a Captain on Delta’s 737 😊 Every time I see one, I get full of hope

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Of course, that is the case with every single heavy 739

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