Leaving on a jet plane

Where are you going on a plane next? When are you going on a plane next? What plane are you flying? Post it down here! The topic is inspired by the legend John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane”.

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Southwest 737 not sure which type yet, i think its to Phoenix

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Or oakland


Hey that’s where I went today!

Do you mean in-game or in real life?

Irl. Not in IF

There’s the track other members’ flights topic. You will find most members’ flights there.

Wait I meant IF sorry! Not IRL.

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all i know is i will be doing something out of norfolk intl in microsoft flight sim and IF


If IF, I literally have no clue. I’m landing at RKSI in ES in a couple minutes from now, but I like to follow a trend of departing from and airport I last arrived at.

Bumping this

Bro what why?


I’ll be flying to Bristol next.

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