Leaving JetBlue VA

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to say my final words for JetBlue since I am officially retiring from JetBlue VA. This is because I fear that I will no longer have much time to play Infinite Flight. You guys were the best VA team anybody could have, and I want to say thank you, especially @benny87654321 for letting me join. I may be returning sooner or later- so watch out for that. If you guys still would like to talk with me, you can PM me on the IF forums at @CaptainSean. Once again, I just want to say thanks, and goodbye ;)

Official Retired JetBlue VA Pilot,


Do you want to join? PM @Benny87654321for more details!

No need for this post just saying


Could you put this in VA category?

Can’t you?

I wish I was a regular lol


dosnt Jet Blue VA have the option to take a leave of absence if you know you are not going to be able to fly for them for some time…?

Don’t criticize Sean he is just putting it out there because he has no other way of contacting the airline.

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Why on earth did you bump this?


um he told us (jetBlue VA) that he was leaving with that exact same message before he created this topic… there was no need to announce it publicly


Let’s put it like this: it’s blatantly obvious that he is doing a little passive advertising… I’m fine with that, but @787Boy you didn’t need to bump.

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He possibly was but I didn’t tell him to do it. He did out of heart. Why it was bumped? Idk just from that hateful and untruthful comment by 787 but is doesn’t matter at this point

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O hai Benny I heard you wanted the Logo that I made…sorry but as I was cleaning out my device…I accidentally deleted it. I can try making another one tho :)

Oh and I didn’t mean to advertise, I just thought people might be interested in JetBlue…

So yes, I did it out of <3

And I honestly don’t get the context of the word “bump” xD

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And sorry for spamming, but I now have a better device so I can fly with u guys…want me to make an event that we all meet up at? Oh and i got the ERJ too btw!

It means to reply to a topic with a useless or counter-productive reply. Each time a reply is made, the topic gets pushed back up to the top of the main forum feed. Replying after 25 days is necroposting. Be advised. < Just giving a definition for ya.

Now back on topic…

It’s fine. I’ll handle this, thanks for letting him know now :)

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Nono, ill take responsibility if I did something wrong. And…I dont think I did anything wrong…

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