“Leave your flight” at cruise

Definitely has my vote.

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This is definitely needed, my battery health went from 100 to 82% in a pretty short time because of long hauls. There’s absolutely no point in leaving my device running all night when I’m not looking.

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This could be made with a flight executed from a server and not From a device.

The idea is interesting… its maybe like flying a on-browser flightsim but having the window in the taskbar and nothing on screen to save resources.

Not a bad idea, really. But well… technically it’s another thing

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I really hope they can technically achieve this, great idea. My phone’s battery capacity also went down to 78% from just 8 months of using Infinite Flight. Also the countless times I’ve had to cancel a 15 hour flight in the middle of it because I had to go somewhere and use my phone for other stuff. Just taking off in the morning, leaving it running serverside while I am at school, then landing again when I arrive back home. Sounds so good.

Thanks for the votes everyone!


Really think that’d be a great idea. Voted!

Great idea! Voted!

Thank you! I think about this request every time I open Infinite Flight.


This would be sick. U have my vote!

Voted, this is needed for sure!