“Leave your flight” at cruise

I have been thinking about how good a feature like this would be for a long time. This would also be helpful with battery health.

I’ve been annoyed I thought of it because now it’s all I think of when I start a flight. :)

I’d be in the air 24/7 if this was a thing.

I would just like to be able to use my device while it runs in the background on the server. Send a alert that I am 5 mins from TOD so I can get to a place to land.

The lack of dedicated device kinda reminds me of a handoff like idea where you could resume on a different device

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Love the idea but there’s one problem, which is the app being forced closed by the device itself especially if you have a device which isn’t up to date with the software on your device. If you close the app for a very long time and you’d be left disappointed that your flight has ended during mid-flight.

Kinda like how iPhone does it.

You I do know that you cannot be in both devices at the same time. I had to check a livery and weight for someone and it kicked me out of my flight on the other device.

I really like this. Let me go free up a vote

So hypothetically, that would be an issue now but if this was a thing it wouldn’t be an issue because your aircraft would continue flying for you at the autopilot settings you had set. Then once your device turns back on you could hop back into your flight.

One of the greatest feature requests I’ve seen in Infinite Flight, you definitely have my vote!

I agree with this 100%. I made this my website on my profile to show people how much we need this in the game. You got my vote!

wouldn’t work. what if u over speed/ end up in descent/ or atc trying to call u …

It would be the same risk you’d take on if your flight was open and running, and you had it stored away at your house while you left home or downstairs while you were asleep.

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Not quite mate, you would still face the same issue if you have a older device and it definitely force quits the app especially if you leave it closed for long time and some people like me right now do face that issue. It disappointing when this happens, trust me, you have to restart your flight all over again.

This potentially could be a win for the developers as they can stream less content thus lowering operating costs. No more wasted tiles as you sleep, run, work, go to school…


Yes, what you are describing is the app running in the background (closing the app at any given time) which is completely separate to what is being suggested.

If you’re not at “cruise” (taxiing, taking off, climbing, descending, landing), then you would not be able to enable this because you need to be present at your device in those critical phases of flight. If you leave the app it would run in the background like it does now and you’d risk getting kicked from your flight because of a loss of connection.

But what is being requested would solve that specific issue you’re describing that can happen to anyone regardless of how old their device is.

Hypothetically. When you have autopilot set at “cruise” (however that’s defined) and the app is closed (by you, the operating system, a crash, internet goes out, etc.), hypothetically per the request the flight would still continue on the server side. You would not need to restart your flight, it would still be live and kicking. The app may crash but your flight would not end.

You’d then be able to open back up the app and continue flying, taking over for the “ghost plane” at any time.

You still haven’t understood what I’m trying to say, I’m saying the device itself, not the Infinite flight app.

I said mid-flight on the very first post…

Has no nothing to with your internet connection what so ever. It’s more of the device handing capability based on multiple factors such as age of the device, software its running and whether it lags out on constant basis. Unfortunately its not going to work for everyone, however would work for people who are able to afford buying a device within 3-4 years each time. You’re always gonna face the problem of crashing out once you close the app for while no matter what device you get because software and product keeps changing for the worst.

You wouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server but you’d still be able to fly only solo. Which pretty much means you have to restart your flight all over again. However this has no relevance to what I’m trying to say on my previous posts.

I think you’re misunderstanding what is being suggested.

That is what happens currently.

That would not happen in a fantasy world where this idea of a feature is implemented, is what I’m trying to say.

It’s hard to imagine a world where your flight will be basically 100% guaranteed to not “crash” mid-flight, but with this request where the flight continues no matter what state your device is in, that would no longer be an issue one could face.

The device could be thrown into a pound. It can turn off, auto update, app crash, do whatever it wants, the flight would continue server side and your flight would be connected to your account once your device looses connection to the server mid-flight. You could maybe even add, if it’s connected to your account, you could open the flight on another device if you wanted. I don’t know if that’s possible, I have no idea if they can implement it, but I’m suggesting it in case they can.

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Voted! this is definitely needed!

This is a good idea. Probably be beneficial to your device as well in terms of its lifespan.

my screen goes to dark mode after 10 mins.
no screen burn.