“Leave your flight” at cruise

  1. I often need my device for other things during the day, so I’m unable to fly longer distances, but would love to be able to.
  2. Running Infinite Flight on your device is very performance intensive so by running your device for a long period of time, it can degrade your device’s battery health, screen burn, among other things
  3. Crashes while flying at cruise can happen for some
  4. Not everyone has a device dedicated only for Infinite Flight
  5. Leaving your device overnight can be problematic
  6. You occasionally need your device for a short period of time but can’t because you have a flight open

Yes, I am aware of operating system constraints when it comes to having apps run in the background, but it would be very cool if there was a way, only while you are at cruise, where you could “leave your flight” completely to later reconnect whenever you want, without having Infinite Flight run in the background. So the app could be closed.

The flight could be saved to your account and a ghost plane would continue flying for you at the autopilot settings you had set, as if you had the flight open. Then, once you “leave the flight” the app would turn into a flight tracker and track your flight, live.

Similar to how LiveFlight or any flight tracker tracks your flight, the app would show your altitude, speed, location, weather info, etc. Then maybe add in the auto-pilot configuration and flight plan you have set.

Notification ideas

You could receive the following notifications once you have “left your flight”, from the Infinite Flight app.

  • On guards from an ATC frequency
  • Overspeed
  • Distance to destination
  • Almost time to descend
  • VNAV changes
  • 30/60 minute updates (altitude, speed, nearest city, distance to destination etc.)

Then, at any time, you could press a button in the menu whenever you want and hop back into the flight, taking over for the ghost plane.

This would only be available when you are at cruising altitude for obvious reasons. You would knowingly be taking on the risks of violations because you are not present in the same way you would if you were in control, but this could create more accessibility.

A side effect of this might also be that there would be more people in the skies at one time because it could open the opportunity for those who wouldn’t be able to fly normally.

I would have a flight running all year 24/7.

Whip out the iPhone 13 at home in the morning, takeoff, climb to cruise, leave your flight and drive to the grocery store. Friend goes in to get some snacks, you’re sat in the parking lot, nothing to do, “let me check on my flight. Oooo! I’m flying over Tahiti”. You “Enter your flight” hop in for the ghost plane to check out Tahiti because it’s pretty, friend comes back with the chips and guac, gotta get driving again. “Leave your flight” again to drive back home. Get home, Infinite Flight gives you a notification that it’s almost time to descend as you enter the door. Get back into the app, “Enter the flight” again, descend down and land. School, work, mobile, carry your passion, you get the idea.

That’d be so cool! This could also solve the problem I often face with my iPad: Every time there is a software update launch during flight, this little message window pops onto the screen (same with low battery), and when this happens during flight, the app freezes. So I am still in the app but not moving and eventually disconnected. I then wake up in the morning to find myself with like 7+ hours remaining despite the app running all night. Reconnecting after that is also not possible


Yes, this would definitely solve that issue/worry.


I look forward to using this new feature if and when it becomes available.

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This certainly sounds like a very good idea, and I hope this gets considered some time by the developers!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes left, but I certainly would vote if I had one!


I like the idea. The question is: is it technically possible?! 🤔


Some day, somehow, maybe.


ok convinced that it may be developed in the near future. I like such ideas amongst all the plane requests.


That would solve the biggest problem I have and that is time. I always have to do things at home like helping my parent all day and stuff like that. That’s why I haven’t been able to play infinite flight for over a year now. And because of this reason I’ve only been able to play infinite flight multiplayer only 8 times since I first found infinite flight on PlayStore. I really wisch for this to happen.

Pls. DEVS.

I mean, we already have games that are able to do this, I know its more simple, but its a proof of concept. Like Clash of Clans, when you build stuff that takes time, that’s tracked server side. I’m not sure if IF would be able to have a server simulate the flying on its end, so it might just like be something that runs locally in the background.


How many times have I had to abandon the flight because I couldn’t leave it frozen until I got back? I just loved this idea; however, it is good to leave this feature in parallel with the “freeze the flight” feature, as it is still useful on short flights, for example.

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This would be fantastic, really. 🤘

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I could see myself using this on any length flight, yeah. Not sure what you mean by the “freeze the flight” feature.

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There are certain times that I need to leave to fulfill an obligation. Since I am disconnected from any frequency, I leave the IF minimized and when I return I continue the flight, but at the same point where I left it. I call this “flying frozen” or paused if you prefer. The problem with that is, if I’m at the beginning of a flight across the Atlantic, for example, depending on how long I’m gone, it won’t pay off to complete the flight. Here comes your idea.

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I don’t see why that wouldn’t still be a thing, but you’d probably prefer to leave without interrupting your connection to the server.


Continue without interrupting the connection to the server or as a ghost, as per your suggestion. Anyway, it would be good to make a long route, leave the IF running in the background and, when returning, be able to continue the flight normally at some point on the route. In short, your idea is fantastic and I support it.


I would honestly be willing for this to become a feature. It would be very helpful in terms of helping us fly long distance.

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Love the idea, and it makes a lot of sense. Voted!

What if there was a way to make the app close down into a small screen overlay, similar to how apps like Netflix do it?


I don’t think that one is possible because of the device OS, devs couldn’t do anything about that. That feature is only for videos on iOS.

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