Leave me alone when I'm in the pattern Socal Approach!

Ok… is it just me or…

This just happened…again… on Playground (yea… I know…I know… it’s playground but…come on man 😉)
When I’m in the pattern on downwind for KSAN… it’s really REALLY annoying when you keep pinging to switch to your Freq…SOCAL APPROACH!!! 3 timee…3 times in 2 minutes approach is nagging me to switch. Did ya think that when I turned final that I might just being busy talking to the tower? Not to mention flying fat, dirty and slow becuase the jet in front of me is at 135knts at the outer marker. Ya got plenty of time to slow down when your at 5 miles out. 😉.

To top it all off…KSAN tower clears takeoff when I’m 50 seconds from wheels down. So… when went around and landed at the navel station and sent you a “your welcome”… that was for going around and saving a couple hundred lives. 😉 It was crazy busy and…, you’ll never have that much action on the advanced server., cause there’s hardly anyone there. Man., I wish there was. This rookie stuff and weak pilots are nerve racking and… its only a simulator😠😠😉.

Ok… had to vent but seriously approach… if I’m within 10 miles of an airport and at pattern altitude… I’m talking to the tower!!! Advanced controllers… correct me if I’m wrong☺.

There are old pilots
There are bold pilots
There are NO old bold pilots

Fly on advanced. We have a lot more approach qualified controllers (that have passed the test) so that means that a lot more approach controllers will be available to help during peak times and give professional service to your destination :)


I know man… but advanced was pretty empty earlier tonight. You know how it is.

So… do you know what the fascination is with Amsterdam and the UK on advanced is? Seems like Amsterdam almost always has controllers and seemingly none anywhere else. Is there like a bunch of Europeans always on advanced😉?

Its not like I have a problem with that region but, I’ve been digging flying the F-14 lately and I like having like Miramar, Camp Pendleton and NAS SD in socal and a couple good bases in FLA. Man, the F-14 handles so nicely… especially on takeoff and landing. It’s got enough weight to handle crosswinds and flap functionality at certain speeds is just beautiful. 😆

Click on my profile and read what it says. I think you’ll be more then happy to read what you’ll see there :)

Well Danny, what people have noticed is that the IFATC team seems to rotate regions every week or so…


Ok this p*sses me off. Why do people always say that. Flying advanced is not the solution. PG needs to be fixed. See previous posts explaining this.

Flying advanced is not a solution

You can’t expect for PG to be realistic mate. If you want realism fly advanced

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Everyone can control and there are always going to be idiots on it

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Here, Jeff.

Would you rather fly with Peanuts, that are always Duplicate NickChans, or fly with Hershey Bars, which are Duplicate Matts. Plus, you see Matt more on Advanced than playground.


And if you want to fly with living beer bottles, come see tom and me…


I know, right? I’m getting sick of SoCal telling me to switch when i’m on FINAL. Some people just shouldn’t be ATC.

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Or, why can’t we fix PG. punish the peanuts

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The reason we aren’t allowed to ghost people on playground is becuse we are told not. In fact, IFATC members aren’t even allowed to control on PG once we become IFATC. We aren’t allowed to control on there becuse they don’t want us ghosting people since it’s a practice server

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The few times that I’ve attempted Approach in KSAN have been rough, to say the least- you get Approach requests for the entire map (No, I won’t guide you to LAX, thanks for asking), and hear “Unable” at an inordinately high rate.
That said, my method is to keep an eye on departing traffic- if you look like you’re following the pattern, and are tuned to KSAN Tower, then you’re one less bird that I need to worry about.

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