Leave charger connected while IF is running... Is it harmful?

I have a device with the following features.
6 ram
Snapdragon 821 2.35ghz
android 8

Fortunately I can play with everything to the maximum, besides there are no problems of overheating, since it is at an acceptable temperature.

But because the graphics are at maximum, the battery lowers rapidly as normal.
I leave it with an original charger connected.
Today I was going to make a new york angels-new york and I don’t know if I can leave the charger on the 5 hours and 45 minutes it will take.


I’m sure it will be fine. Just turn off minimal in the HUD, turn the graphic settings to low. And turn your brightness down. That us definitely some good ways to not let your charger die :)


Yes, modern batteries can cope. It is likely the phone will reject excess power.


What they said above is correct, but I try to be on the safe side, and while I’m not sure how much this helps my device and charger, I don’t plug it in unless it’s around 30ish% then leave it for the rest of the flight. Of course for night flights it’s not always possible, in which case I start the flight at 30ish and charging.
Again, I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff, so idk if it helps

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Nah. Most batteries simply reject more power so it won’t over charge

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Be sure to use a charger that is made for your device. I have seen cheap gas station chargers fry devices before.


I found that staying in the outside view once your in cruise helps the battery and overheating

What I found really helps is going into HUD then map view that really helps with both the screen and the battery

Your battery will only degrade you charge as more charge goes through it (read: low battery power) thus to prevent killing your battery start IF with a good amount of charge left, then plug in, then set low power mode, low volume, and lowest screen brightness to prevent your dwvice from heating up (which is moat likely to kill your battery as heat degrades your battery’s functionality)

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This is something I suggest you google or see your personal phones manual. Every phone is different.

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