Leave after takeoff

Am I allowed to leave the flight on expert server right after take off with atc in the airport?

Yes you can

OK because I don’t want to get into trouble with anyone if I leave expert with atc at the airport right after takeoff

You can, though most people would recommend monitoring your flight until you reach your criusing altitude.

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As in leave the game/quit

No! Doing that will result in your flight ending

I did it when I took off and then realized I couldn’t finish the flight

I know, I asked the question because I want to test my ground atc listening skills on expert

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Yes leaving the flight right after takeoff

Just a FYI:

Takeoff is a word which is used only 3 times in aviation ,when:

  • Tower clears for takeoff,then say,PR-SHNT , runway YY cleared for takeoff

  • Pilot acknowledges/readback to the instruction Cleared for takeoff runway YY,PR-SHNT

  • Thridly,when tower instructs PR-SHNT, cancel takeoff clearance,hold position

The perfect and real term to state takeoff is Departure Departing Departed

I would suggest landing at an uncontrolled airport, just to get that bit of XP, Flight Time, and the +1 landing :)

Once you leave the ATC control area, or the ATC told you to change to unicom, you are free to go since Infinite Flight don’t have center for now.

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