Learning to Fly… And I *Do* Have Wings.

Hey y’all. I haven’t been active as of recent years. Aerospace Engineering classes, work and the virtual air show hobby are constantly getting in the way, but more importantly, I’m taking major steps towards something bigger than I could ever be now.

I first touched Infinite Flight’s skies in 2013… and I got hooked on it. So much so that it basically solidified my future. Almost a decade later, after being a Regular on the forum (and resident Freecam Expert and Raptor Flipper 😉), beta testing and editing air bases, it has finally led me towards the path to Private Pilot. I am officially beginning flight lessons next month, after grinding the first few units of my online ground courses. It’s safe to say my time on Infinite Flight has helped me stay ahead of most budding student pilots.

I’m thankful that I’ve got a friend helping me get familiar with the 172 before joining a CFI in the cockpit. Now, I don’t mean to flex on y’all, but he was quite shocked that I managed to handle a Cessna so smoothly, and how I cross-checked the instruments, despite only having 3 instances of stick time before. I have Infinite Flight to thank for that.

I should have a PPL by the spring of next year, and I may try to squeeze in an Instrument Rating over the summer. And that would be beneficial to an aspiring Air Force pilot like myself. If you plan on joining the USAF as a pilot, your PCSM (Pilot Candidate Selection Method) depends a lot on your flight hours, and will boost your chances of acceptance above someone who does not. Now you understand how big this undertaking is for me.

Thanks, Infinite Flight!


Goodluck! I started my great journey in the KLM flight academy 2 weeks ago!!! It is a great journey you enter! A life of a pilot is the greatest life you can get, the best office you have :).


Thanks! Always looking forward to the results! 🤙🏻

I am doing lessons as well and I can thank IF for most of my knowledge already! It’s a fun journey to take and I wish you the best of luck.

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