Learning resources for beginners

Hi there. I’ve recently bought IF and I know the basics of the game although I don’t know all the advanced things and I’d like to learn how to fly a plane in this game. Are there any courses or any VA/VO that could help me along the way? Any responses are appreciated. Thanks.

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Take a thorough look through this - it should help!

I hope you enjoy your time in this community!

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As pointed out above there is a User Guide, but also don’t be afraid to ask your fellow community members for assistance wherever necessary! :)


If your into more visual learning then take a look at the Official Infinite Flight YouTube channel here:

Also the User Guide is another great resource that was kindly linked to you by @BennyBoy_Alpha.

Also, you could check out #ground-school which has plenty of tips and tricks/tutorials by some members of the IFC.


Thank you!

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