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Just do what @Chris_S said and give him a warning.

Just reply again and again with the correct runway.

Pilot asks for red
Tower - Taxi to green
Pilot asks for red
Tower - taxi to green
tower - please follow instructions


Thank you all for the support. I want to provide the bezt ATC I can. These suggestions will help me do just that.


I guess he is asking about an inbound plane requesting for a landing on red runway

Correct me if I’m wrong

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Even then I just continue to give the runway I want them to go to. If they dont, then I give it again and a follow instructions. Not much you can do beyond that.

You are in control of your airspace. If someone is ignoring the runway, not cleared to land, and land anyways I would just hold departures until its clear and then resume. Its annoying but not really anything else to do. (Other than join IFATC, shameless plug)


If you have two parallel runways my advice is to use one for landing and one for takeoff. That way the only time you should have collisions is if someone is landing or taking off on the wrong runway, on training server that happens. Usually a pilot does a Go Around if they see the traffic but some will attempt a landing over the aircraft.

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I do wonder if there needs to be a specific call that you can give out, like “That runway is not in use, please follow instructions”, both for aircraft on the ground and those inbound.

So takeoff tailwind…landing headwind???

If your runway pairs are 09L/27R and 09R/27L, and the wind is 270 at 8kts, then you operate take-offs from one of 27R/L and landings on the other. Both take-off and landings will have a headwind.

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Hopefully this helps :-)

Good evening. In the most simplest term…What does departure atc do…and how is it different than approach? Thank you

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but the departure ATC is what you connect to after you takeoff from the runway, the ATC should give you instructions to contact Departure, and in departure you request for flight followings, ILS approaches, etc.

Im talking about if i am departue atc…what is my function…and how is it different than if im doing atc approach…

Hi @Jeodanie_Smith , Have you tried reading through this Tutorial by Tyler?
Departure Control ATC Tutorial

To further explain my question…what commands should i be giving if i am departure atc…and how is it different from approach commands

Chief 305…i just needed it to be more simple than the tutorial…as I’m a bit confused and slow…lol

It can’t really get more simplified than the 4 minute video Tyler made. If I were to explain further components of departure, it’d defeat the whole point of you wanting it to be simple. Break it down into baby steps and see where you go.

Okay…tell me if I’m correct then…Departure ATC points the pilot in the direction of thier destination airport…and approach gives vectors to the ils or gps of the airport they are controlling, right?

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IRL a dep controller will also make sure the departing aircraft don’t get in the way of aircraft arriving.

However as a Deprting aircraft will be using a SID ( Standard Instrument Departture) ( a chart showing directions to fly with alts and speed) whilst an arrival aircraft would be using a similar chart called a STAR or Standard Terminal ARival. But don’t worry too much about that at present as we don’t really use either a SID or STARs in IF just yet…

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