Learning Mode

We have all sort of pilots flying in Infinite Flight. We have real world A350/787 pilots all the way to people who flyt paper airplanes. One of the hardest things when developing software is how to bridge that learning gap without taking away the functionality/realism that the group is looking for.

The first part of my idea is the addition of a checkbox to the settings → general page that allows users to turn this functionality on and off. This way those who are serious flyers can disable it while those new to the sim can use it.

Learning Mode
This enables messages to appear on your screen at various stages of flight with tips.

The second part of my enhancement is to display messages at the top of the display when certain conditions are met. The message would remain on the screen until the condition is no longer met. The message would be a separate line below the existing navigation/ATC message bar.

Message Condition Notes
Please check surrounding area when pushing back Pushback is active This gets the pilot used to changing cameras to become aware of their surroundings.
Strobes and Landing Lights should be off while taxiing Strobes or Landing Lights on + Plane is in motion + Not on a runway Re-enforces proper lights behavior
Ensure taxi ground speed is below 35kts Plane is in motion + Plane is not on a runway Teaches proper taxi speed
Please turn on strobes and landing lights when on or crossing a runway Plane is on a runway + Strobes or Landing Lights are off Enforces proper lights behavior
Max airspeed below 10,000’ is 250kts Plane is in the air + Below 10,000 Kind reminder of speed restrictions
Landing Lights should be turned off above 10,000’ Plane is in the air + Above 10,000’ Re-enforces proper lights behavior
Please do not leave device unattended until cruising altitude is reached Plane in the air + VS is positive + ALT is set Encourages attention during critical phases of flight

Final Thoughts

In the future FDS may choose to use the same functionality for airplane specific tutorials if they want. Flaps, etc. For now its a starting point. The goal is to provide new pilots with reminders for some of the non-plane specific secondary systems. My whole thinking was to help fill the educational gap and allow a method to grow the functionality with the least impact to code structure.

Enjoy :)

Looks nice and very well organized, but would this be under its own tab like in the main menu for instance?


Not sure what your question is. The checkbox would be in the settings. And the message would be at the top of the screen.

I mean would it be in its own game mode. :)

Coreect me if I am wrong but was there not a flight school mode? I suppose that got deleated at somepoint. I think this wpuld be mich more usefull…

And this would be in a regular online/solo flight the way I understand it?

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@Chris_S - please don’t forget to vote for your own request 😉


No, its an option in the settings -> general.

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I think there was an initial flight mode in the c172 that shows you how to take off and such but doesnt get into lights/speed/reminders.


Ok I see. I was just thinking that if it were in its own game mode, then it could be more “obvious” to new pilots. (Sorry don’t know any other words that’s why I put it in quotes.)

Its not really its own mode. Its still solo/live but just with friendly reminders.

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Seems understandable, but sometimes people like me forget to turn off the setting. Even after I receive the message. Or adjusted the scenery. <Meaning I forget to revert if I don’t like…

So you say “enforces” but how would it be enforced? Would you get a violation for going against that message?

No so literal. Educate is a better word. Monkey do good, monkey get nanner.


This is actually not a bad idea. It could give noobs a way to learn the basics before playing. I think this would cut down the amount of trolling on TS1. You got my vote!


I wouldn’t call them noobs, but beginners. ;)

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Can you add the old Space Shuttle into this request too?


It had been de-funded unfortunately. You can see it for free at the Air and Space museum in DC.

Fun Fact : A space shuttle simulator is what made me download infinite flight to begin with back in the day.


Many times when I prepare for take off to my given destination, I usually leave my auto pilot to do the rest until it reaches cruising altitude. When I came back yesterday for about 4 mins I realized I just happened to get 9 violations, because my speed was at 340 knots when it was supposed to be at 320 knots. Silly mistake!

Umm Diamond, i think that’s exactly what KPIT already asked… :/

And Chris answered that question as well so yea…😑, there was sort of a training mode thing back in the days ;)


Whoops. Didn’t notice. 😅