Learning ATC

I’m considering to begin working my way to becoming IFATC over the winter break. Right now I’m practically clueless and have absolutely no experience (0 ops). I truly have no idea how to even navigate the menu, and would probably worsen confusion for pilots. i’d end up dipping after like 2 mins on frequency lol.

How do I start practising? Do I just control any airport at my discretion on training server?


Make an ATC tracking thread so you can get feedback after controlling.


Start with the tutorials.

Check out this topic below with more details of the process. Then set up a tracking thread when you are closer to being ready.


Hey mate! So awesome your looking to become IFATC! Before you even hop into the tower I recommend having a look at the tutorials on YouTube


Hey man! As started above, it’d most likely be in your best interest to begin by watching the ATC training series and understanding the “in’s and the out’s” of ATC, reading forums, practicing on the TS, creating a thread, then applying once you’re ready. Good Luck!

I forgot the training manual:

believe me i read that multiple times to help me out as a pilot on expert lol

really my cluelessness stems from the complex interface and dealing with multiple random problems at the same time lol

Practice practice practice! I knew nothing when I started. You work your way up. First you need to understand what you are doing and take it from there. The buttons become second nature eventually.

A good was to learn ATC could also be sitting in on an expert ATC session and seeing what commands the controller uses and how they manage their airspace.

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