Learn to Fly Melbourne C172

Learn to Fly Melbourne C172


Cessna 172 Specs

Range: 1,185 km

Top speed: 302 km/h

Cruise speed: 226 km/h

Engine type: Continental O-300

Unit cost: 364,000–364,000 USD (2014), 289,500–289,500 USD (2013)

Credit: Wikipedia.

Other Popular Cessna 1*2 Aircraft

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In my opinion I have seen lots of new livery requests for the Cessna 172 but when I last checked the Cessna has sold more than 40,000 172’s and most of them have a different livery. I don’t think we need to see a specific livery for it. But this is my opinion and is after all up to the developers to decide if they add them.

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