Learn From Your Violations (0.00 ratio)

For me it really doesn’t matter what grade you are currently,it’s your knowledge of aviation rules,willingness to learn when we mess up and showing respect to other uses online. But who wouldn’t like to have the green name tag of a grade 4 or the gold tag on a grade 5, so this is for the guys that want some tips to climb up the grade system and fly more realistically. Below are some tips you could use to avoid getting violations and getting a good landing to violation ratio, here are also is a screenshot of my stats be the judge. I think I fly quite safeScreenshot_20190608-081515

  1. I noticed early that knowing the wind direction and the velocity is really helpful to prevent you veering off the runway during take off and landing due to the tendancy of aircraft noses’ to point into the wind. Use rudders and direct aileron into the wind slightly. Veering of will earn you a violation for exceeding 35knots on nonrunway surfaces.

  2. Know the amount of power required for the various types of aircraft and the degree of nose up during rotation to prevent your speed exceeding 250 knots indicated airspeed below 10,000 feet during your climb out. You may be surprised that full throttle is not always applied of some of the jets. The same applies during descending never go below 10,000feet with an indicated airspeed of over 250 knots.

  3. Never perform aerobatic activities in the vicinity of active airports especially class Bravo and class Charlie airspace. Please fly outside the outer most circles of airspace indicators and perform them there in class Echo airspace.

  4. Do not flying oversized aircraft into small general aviation airports. I have a low violation count,5 to be specific out of over 1000 landings and out of the 5 violations 3 were from landing a 777 at a small airport. I regret that so don’t do that.

I hope those few points are useful to anyone who need them more conversation in the comments.


This is a brilliant guide to 0.00 Violations ratio good job

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This is incredible mate, keep it up!

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A really well written piece on how to keep your violations down, I’m sure many on the Training Server could take some hints from you ;)

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I have 5 violations too! However I have a 0.04 ratio.

Great post, this was very informative.

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This is a great post and good tips for people. And congrats getting a 0.00 violation rate!

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not all of us can monitor our device and maintain perfect ratios. Most of my violations are overspeeding at midnight during my long haul flights. Congrats Im very jealous but not all of us can acheive that.


I maintained 0 violation purely because I transferred from my experience with FS9 and FSX. The rules apply almost everywhere.

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