Learjet 75

The Learjet 75

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  • Maximum Range: 3778km
  • Capacity: 9 passengers
  • Top Speed: 0.81M
  • Typical Cruise Speed: 0.76M
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 51,000ft
  • Typical Cruise Altitude: 45,000ft

Additional Information

  • Uses Honeywell TFE731-40BR Engines
  • Produces 3,850 lbf of Thrust
  • 15.5 meters wide
  • 17.7 meters long
  • 4.3 meters tall
  • MTOW is 9,752 kg

Why I think It Should Be Added

This aircraft is a perfect example of a business jet. In Infinite Flight we only have one jet of this criteria available. If this was added it would add another business jet and would add diversity to the IF fleet. This aircraft is able to perform many tasks and can fly on many short GA routes. If you feel the same way I do about this airplane please vote.

My source for all of the information

So this is what you were talking about 😉😏

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Loving these feature requests, @The_Geniusman! Dropped a vote on this one :)


Dropped a Vote! GA All the way man! :)


I’m surprised this isn’t already requested! You have my vote!

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Nice request as announced! If I can free up a vote I’m all in.

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It would be very cool to have some more private jets in infinite like gulfstreams and learjets


Another private jet to give us some variety from the CCX. Love it!


Most certainly it would. if you like it could you vote? :)

It would be so amazing to have a large variety of GA aircraft! I love it! :)

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That’s why I made the request. So I could try to get it added! Votes are the only thing that counts ;)

Lifeflight australia livery would be coolimages%20(17)


There are so many cool liverys that this jet has to offer. That’s what makes it a great airplane for IF.

Ohh that would be a great plane to add ,i really don’t know when that may be considered a priority

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With the ever growing demand for GA aircraft this plane may be considered. The devs also look at votes for the demand. So if you could, may you please vote for the learjet. :)

Not sure it will be as its such a similar aircraft to the CRJ

It might be like the A350 how its similar to the 787 so its not a priority

Unlike the A350 the Devs would have sufficient information to make an accurate model. This is also significantly smaller than the CRJ.

would love to see this livery, my personal favorite (yes I know this is a 45 but its pretty much the same thing visually except for the winglets)


Unfortunately I do not have votes for this topic, but I give my full support to the addition of this beautiful aircraft.

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