Learjet 70

My fellow aviation lovers we all know we have a pretty gorgeous looking citation x model from Cessna however who doesn’t loves the good old classic Learjet 70 ? It is my suggestion that The Infinite Flight Dev team include this iconic aircraft to the all ready iconic Bombardiers section.Here are some proposed pictures of the Learjet models I am speaking about :-
Another one :-
I know this are just screenshots but you could learn more by visiting Bombardier Aviation’s official page https://businessaircraft.bombardier.com/en/aircraft?kw=%2Blearjet&mkwid=sbX52Ggks&pcrid=217955454459&pdv=m&pmt=b

Hope you like the opinion and please vote.
Till then a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

Only one feature per request please, so its only the Learjet 70 you want or the entire series?

I found a request, they are old so if you’re requesting a model please make sure to flag it ;) …


Only the Learjet 70 just for now

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JUst give me one to buy and telll me how much it is :)