Learjet 60

Ok, hopefully this isn’t a duplicate.
Look it up for more info.

Infinite Flight needs more business jets. They are used for lots of things, like transporting government officials, public bodies or the armed forces.

I agree don’t forget to vote for your own topic

I can’t because of the limit.

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It isn’t a duplicate, but adding a lot more information, giving us a reason to vote would be a lot helpful, and would keep your topic open :)

A picture would be nice for example. Take a look at a similar Learjet request for a variant below


Voting helps add this feature, thus adding more content to Infinite Flight.

Hold on…

Giving us ideas, photos, and features attract us, thus giving us more reason to vote. 🙃

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The copy and paste function broke on me when I tried.

I’ll add more info later.

Why did I think this was generally frowned upon 😂

Just an fyi as stated, lots more information, and a single picture of what i’d be potentially voting for. As of right now, i’d be voting for words, feature request 4 years ago, we’re not good. Just words, now they much be detailed. Lots of information and why you want it. Don’t copy a link with all the information and link it, please don’t do that. You made a feature request not long ago, and it wasn’t detailed, neither is this one, instead of just making one for the sake of making it, take some time to actually make it look good, so to the greater audience who sees this vote, and that’s what you want. I suggest looking at some feature requests made in the last year, and do something like that. With the details and everything.


Voting on your own item is encouraged but not a requirement. There is no need to remind people on every single feature request.

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