Learjet 45

This is one of the best business jets to dominate the market, would go amazing with the CCX!
Source for all this info from Wikipedia

The Learjet 45 (LJ45) aircraft is a mid-size business jet aircraft produced by the Learjet Division of Bombardier Aerospace.

The Model 45 was the first all-new design since the original Learjet, and significantly altered the Learjet line. Through its four primary variants – the original Model 45, the Model 45XR, Model 40 and Model 40XR – it was the Learjet Division’s principal product from the 1990s until the introduction of the Model 75 variant in 2012.


General characteristics

Crew: 2
Capacity: 9 passengers
Length: 58 ft 0 in (17.68 m)
Wingspan: 47 ft 10 in (14.58 m)
Height: 14 ft 1 in (4.30 m)
Wing area: 311.6 ft² (28.95 m²)
Empty weight: 12,850 lb (5,829 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 21,500 lb (9,752 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Honeywell TFE731-20 turbofan, 3,500 lb (15.57 kN) each

Maximum speed: 533 mph (463 knots, 858 km/h, Mach 0.81) (max cruise)
Cruise speed: 510 mph (445 knots, 804 km/h, Mach 0.76)
Range: 1,968 mi (1,710 nmi, 3,167 km) (4 passengers)
Service ceiling: 51,000 ft (15,545 m)

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This is really cool. I’m a big fan of regional jets! I would recommend putting a higher res photo, it’ll spruce up the whole post a little bit!


I like it and it gets my vote


The Learjet, along with the Phenom and the Falcon is my favorite business jet. I’ll definitely remove a vote and put it for this request!
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Thanks for voting @Mad_Dog and @Lamborghini_Life, and I’ll look for one @SF34


Absolutely agree with this! I would be interested to see what the mods would think of this actually. Legitimate request here.


This plane would be great, since there is only one private jet in the IF.

Eh, not true. But yes we need more GA aircraft.

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Completely agree with this. Fantastic request. You’ve got my vote :)

Awesome, we do need more business jet aircraft in IF :)