Learjet 35


It would be nice to have some more business jets in IF as we currently only have the Cessna Citation.

I believe the Learjet 35 would be an ideal business jet for IF. This versatile & beautiful jet is used by the US Air Force (C-21A / Learjet 35A) and other militaries, Aeromedical evacuation companies and private users.

This is a jet I forsee being flown alot on IF global due to it’s versatility, performance and ability to operate from small airports such as Aspen in addition to larger ones.

Photo courtesy of www.AF.mil

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It seem to be duplicate.

Edit: Nvm, @DeerCrusher just closed that one.

Might want to add a photo and credit that photo so folks know what they’d be voting for. 🙂


I like the name lol


Thanks for the suggestion. Photo added of the C-21A (US Air Force military variant of the Learjet 35A). I’ve seen this thing on the ground and in flight in real life. It’s a cool airplane.

Voted! Would love to see this livery on it if it ever gets added! And honestly, we need more private jets.

(Also, I hope this feature request isn’t too old, it looks fine to me)

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