Learjet 25

The Learjet 25 is an 8 passenger, twin-engine business aircraft flown at high speeds. It was first introduced in 1967 as a successor to the Learjet 24, it is about four feet longer than the 24.

Engines - Two General Electric CJ610-6 engines with 2950 lbs of thrust at sea level.

Landing Gear - The main gear is in a dual wheel configuration with brakes on each strut. The nose gear is singular and is molded in such a way that it prevents water from getting into the engines. The gear are enclosed in the aircraft after retraction.

Brakes - Instead of thrust reverse being the primary way of slowing down, the Learjet 25 utilizes its braking system as the best and easiest way to slow down.

Fuel - There are five fuel tanks on the aircraft, the two wing fuel tanks, the center fuselage tank, and the two wing tip tanks. The wing tip tanks are what make this aircraft recognizable, with a bomb-like shape.

Drag Chute - The aircraft uses a drag chute to make the aircraft slow down faster (yes, an interesting way to put it), as the brakes might not be enough to slow it on some runways.

Operators -

  • Olympic Airlines
  • Ameristar Jet Charter
  • Bolivian Air Force
  • Mexican Navy
  • Peruvian Air Force
  • NASA
  • Various Private Jet Liveries

General Characteristics and Performance -

  • Two pilots, 8 passengers
  • Length - 14.5 Meters
  • Wingspan - 10.84 Meters
  • Height - 3.73 Meters
  • Empty Weight - 7640 lbs/3645 kg
  • MTOW - 15,000 lbs/6804 kg
  • Cruise Speed - Mach 0.81 (464 kts) at FL410
  • Stall Speed - 91 kts
  • Range - 1767 Miles/1535 Nautical Miles/ 2853 Kilometers
  • Service Ceiling - FL450
  • Rate of Climb - 6050 Feet Per Minute (fpm)


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Honestly, I’m tired of IF adding GA planes.
Although I think it Will be a good idea, i feel the need for more passenger planes

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We have more than enough passenger planes…

Nice aircraft!


Agreed, there aren’t enough private jets. And @anon45500775 there is a difference between private jet and GA aircraft.


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This is about the Learjet 25, not the Gulfstream series

Sadly i am too, but i fully support this, the CCX is the only one right now, and i think it is quite boring

We all have our own preferences for what type of aircraft we would like next.

In my opinion, it would be really nice to see more General Aviation aircraft to get added, since there isn’t a big amount, yet. It would be nice to see more, since there is already a lot of commercial planes in Infinite Flight.

Sadly, I’m out of votes, but this would be nice to see in Infinite Flight.

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I agreed with this

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