Leaked British Airways A350 Club World Business class

Another business class has been unveiled for the A350 this week. This was somewhat leaked as it states in the article. It seems to be following its current business class onboard its 787 but is revamped with new features and better comfort. It is stated that the A350 will have a 2-4-2 format.

British Airways will NOT be retrofitting their fleet as BA CEO said “it is not “ultra-revolutionary” and the design would focus more on incremental changes.” He went on to say “the seat would not be retrofitted across BA’s long-range international fleet – such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER and 787 Dreamliner fleets – because “it doesn’t appear to be sufficiently revolutionary.””.

These are leaked photos and may not be final.

Article : http://www.ausbt.com.au/revealed-british-airways-airbus-a350-club-world-business-class-seat?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=flipper&utm_campaign=home-flipper


What do people think?


BA always likes squishing people in in business class-looks very cramped.
(I understand economy is worse, but for what you pay)


More seats, more people: BA logic


Why, British? The patent for the herringbone couch looked so revolutionary.

I wonder what it’s like to takeoff and land the other way round.


It doesn’t look much different from the Business class we see on the 777, A380 or 787, I really can’t see any new things apart from the cubbyholes and the drinks tray. Not that I’ll ever sit in one of those seats.


I have on an AA 772 and it kind of feels like sitting in a backwards seat on a train

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Don’t forget the, 💷💷💷🤑🤑🤑

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Claps for BA. Beating Air China for most cramped business class. Coming 3rd is EK with their 777


Ohh, they couldn’t resist the ridiculous 2-4-2 backwards forward arrangement for a third time.

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Air China’s 777s don’t look that bad. United’s 2-4-2 lie flat 777/747 however, do.

It still looks very cosy!

People always complain about how cramped it is, but nothing is really practical after this point. Don’t even get me started on The Residence.

Either way, I recently went on Icelandair Saga, and that was enough to sustain 7 hrs total flight time, and those are just reclining self-sofas.

Huh? Is that business class or economy? 8 seats in a row! Anyway I’m just glad their getting a350’s!

Ugh I hate that

@triplesevenx what’s that

if i am right BA will have a 3-4-3 in economy maybe a 3-3-3 which is only 1 maybe 2 seats more than business who would pay the extra 3000 pounds for an upgrade You probably get more space in premium economy 2-3-2

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No you certainly do not get more space in WTP now or with the new CW seats.

i know i more meant is a joke because there are less seat per row in WTP than CW


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