Hey everybody,

The leaderboard is impressive and it takes a lot of dedication.

However, one question:

How does one fly over 244 and 219 hours?
“Weekly leaderboard”
Weekly = 7 days.

So how is anything over 200 hours possible?

Thanks in advance :)

Two or more devices on different servers.


I believe it is possible to fly in different servers on the same account if you have different devices, so, if someone found out a cheat code to fly 24 hours a day nonstop for a week, it’d be possible to fly for 504 hours. 💀


That makes so much sense.

Last I knew, the engines would shut off once you started another device. 😅

Thanks, that makes sense

If on the same server, yes.

If on different servers, no.

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It just won’t let you into the same server, you get an error message.

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Thanks everybody

I’m glad this issue is open because I have doubts in my mind, I have doubts that the system can be a little flexible and I couldn’t find any source, let me explain.

I held a 12-hour ATC session 2 weeks ago and this didn’t show up in the leaderboard, but before I started the session, I didn’t set the session time to 12 hours, so I held a 6-hour ATC session this time thinking it could be, and I set the duration of this session to 6 hours, but I still couldn’t see myself in the leaderboard.(I couldn’t get the screen view of the 6-hour session because I couldn’t find it in my registry)

I once tried to just start the flight at the same time but it just connect and deconnect on both side and alternate so impossible to see each other 😂

Now instead of killing battery of a single device, you can do that on three simultaneously! 😅


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