Leaderboards are down


I noticed today that the leaderboards are not showing display today just wondering if they are getting improved especially for the hours ?


Hi, they were temporarily disabled. Laura mentioned this over the weekend. Seb might be able to provide more insight.


I believe they were disabled due to them causing server problems. Correct me if I am wrong.

Found the quote!
Laura replied in this post:


Thanks Chris I must of missed it so I was just curious thank you for the word


The simple and fun explanation:

The code to the leaderboard was written on papyrus 2578 B.C. Since then, it has not been touched.
And as Infinite Flight continued to evolve, the leaderboard did not. So it eventually became so inefficient when someone were to take a look at it, that it’s requests towards our database brought the database down.

So instead of having it bring our database down and thereby making Live unusable for everyone, we decided to bring the leaderboard down and optimize it… some day.

Leaderboard Fault

Actual footage of the leaderboards being hauled in…



If it optimizes this beautiful sim , I’m all for it Seb
! Thanks for the laugh 😆

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