Leaderboard issue

Operating system:
Not a major issue but the leader board keeps loading and flashing I’m have that issue and I know some of my friends are having the same issue just want to let you guys know and the community

I didn’t even know there was a leaderboard. Where do you go to access it?

Same here
iPhone 14
iOS 7.0.3
IF 23.3.1

lol yea it’s a new feature if u click the 3 lines on the top left then click leaderboard

And it looks like it got fixed about the loading screen weird


Have you seen this error only once tonight or have you encountered it several times on other days?

I’m honestly not having that problem now it seems to be working fine but if it happens again I’ll let you know, earlier it was stuck on the loading screen and my friend was having the same issue but like I said it’s seems fine now

I only seen it once today was the first time

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