Leaderboard Bug

I tried to search this exact problem but I just found other issues with the leaderboard, not this one in particular.

In this picture, somehow everyone managed to do more than 24 hours of flight in the last 24 hours…

It’d be great to see the leaderboard fixed, because some of its issues haven’t been fixed since 2015.

To reproduce this bug simply go to the leaderboard and select flight time and then last 24 hours.

Using IF’s latest version on an iPad Pro.

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I think the issue here is the person has been flying for this amount of time, until the moment he presses end flight nothing could be done and it’ll go over 24 hours

I’m not so sure, because then that means that the top guy has been flying non-stop four 21 days straight?!

Ive done 2 day around the world a couple of times flight (KC-10’s) :P

I know people who never exit the app and they just go from airport to airport and sit there overnight until they fly again… That could be it


It isn’t people never ending the flight, I know for fact I didn’t fly 31 hours without letting my device have a quick cool down.

I just did two 20 hour flights in quick succession of one another. The server just needs upgrading so the max hours you can only be 24 hours. Though the problem would be the top 15 or so flight hours within 24 hours would be, 24 hours.

Yuri is just a strange person who flies almost all the time, and whenever he isn’t cruising through the sky, he’s doing touch and goes. I’ve seen him before and I do wonder what he does for a living.

And the top ‘person’ I think is just the amount of flight hours the IF leaders have put together.

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Nobody has flown 21 days straight.

Oh I wouldn’t put it past someone to do that.