Leader vs. Moderator

Hey guys I have a quick question: what is the difference of a leader and a moderator? Aren’t they just the same?


It is just a name tag, don’t pay much attention to it :)

Also, only TL4 have access to it.

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Wow. Carson. That’s a name I haven’t seen in a while…


Nope, leader and moderator aren’t the same. Leader grants basic moderation functions (closing topics, merging posts, etc), while moderator grants more advanced tools such as flags, admin panel, and so on.


Did Carson get demoted then?

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  1. Leaders are basically IF Developers

  2. Moderators are like, to help out moderate the form and other things like that

Edit: Yea… I think I’m wrong…

Correct me if I’m wrong

Was Carson moderator before, because I thought he was?

Is this really worth a conversation?..


Is says retired on his profile so it explains a lot. Let’s move back to topic

im voting no on that one

Not really anymore. The question has been answered

It’s a quick question. It’s a fine topic.

I could change it to #general then?

Leave it off now you have found out

Before making a topic try to do some research to find the answer. In this case you could have just check Carson’s profile

It does not say the difference though…

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Right I’m gonna send you all a link to a local blogspot website where you can post the rest of your messages whilst we wait for a moderator to close this topic…


This is already answersd. This topic should be closed.

Henrik was in here and answered the question. No need to bicker. Both Carson and Henrik have been outstanding members of the forum for a long time.