Le Taxiway Spotting @ LFPN

Hello, IFC!

A few days ago, I went flying at Toussus le Noble Airport (LFPN) with a friend. There isn’t much else to it… we flew an AT3 over to LFFQ and had a fun time…

Info about how these pictures were taken:

August 2022
Canon 80D / SX60HS
Taken from the grass area between the Air France hangar and the main taxiway (next to the windsock)

F-GNMX, a quite new AT3 owned by Air France, taxiing to the hangar

F-HSAC, a beautiful PS-28 Cruiser on its way to do some touch and goes.

F-GCNJ, an old rustbucket that has been flying since the Napoleonic era

F-BUGP, a Socata Rallye on it’s way back to the hangar after a short flight

F-GAJU, a Grumman AA-1B preparing to fly to the south.

LX-PCH, a beautiful PC-24 going down to Turin

A beautiful DA-42 taxiing to the right runway

The bigger sister following it down the taxiway

Ye’ old Bonanza going out for a spin

Not Last but least, a beautiful Cessna owned by Air France rocking a fresh coat of paint

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

I (unfortunately) still have quite a few spotting topics ready for you guys that I will post in the future.

Does anyone recognize this plane?

IMG_6446 (1)

Because I definitely do :)

Have a nice weekend!



I really don’t know how they could go from a classy and beautiful airliner livery to this…


For comparison:

Crispy pictures as always!


I wonder who it is 👀


Haha yeah, I agree. They’re a fun little plane to fly, but the livery is quite disgusting IMO.

Which is why my friend and I took the white one :P


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That’s a lot better! Hope you had a great flight!


It was very fun indeed.

Might make a trip report. IDK yet though.


Awesome photos!!


Thank you very much!


Europe has some very odd GA aircraft

awesome pics as always robert!


Nice pics, but why did you get suspended???

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I asked to get suspended to be able to focus as much as possible on the IB program.


Beautiful pictures 🤩🤩😍

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Nice, what is that?

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International Baccalaureate

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Very nice pictures as always @Robertine!

The PC-24 is by far my favourite one :)

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Thank you very much!

I agree, the PC24 is VERY good looking IMO

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Nice photos! And welcome back! I saw you were suspended for a little while. :)

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Love it Robertine!

I’m very glad you’re back. It was weird without you. I know that this is probably a temporary time back, but I’m still happy to chat once more.

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Nice photos! Welcome back.

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Thanks for the kind feedback @Zhopkins and @skye :)

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