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Hi all,
It sometimes happens when on short final that infinite assistant informs me that I am about to land on a short runway, whereas its length as read from the map airport information seemed rather big.
I then realized that this is due to threshold displacement, which mean that those runways are shorter to land on than to takeoff from.
Which make me think that it would be cool if Lda (without the displacement) were shown on the airport runway information when inflight vs toda ( full takeoff distance) when on the ground.
What do you think?
Thanks !


So if you click on the airport and select the runways it says how long the runway is. Also https://www.ifatc.org/ which isnt always the most reliable source gives you a good gauge of what planes can fly into/out-of the airport of your desire.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks but I know that. My point is that the length shown (which is very accurate) is not the length you can use when landing when the threshold is displaced. In that case, the landing distance available (Lda) which is what matters for the pilot about to land, is not the distance shown (takeoff available distance (Toda))…


Gotcha I do understand your point. If you want you could make a #features request to implement this into the game.


would give you a good idea what you could get into there but may be inaccurate.

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Let’s make it a request then.

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Thanks, I know this site. It does not distinguish lda from toda, though.

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Yep I think this would be a good features request but double check that it isnt a duplicate first.

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Cannot find any similar thread…so lets give an exemple: Egkk 26R, lda is about 17% shorter than toda. Good to know if you have a heavy big plane to bring down!

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