LDA approaches to RJTT

With the amount I am seeing going to RJTT, is it even possible to do an LDA Approach there now?

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Localizers in IF are all on the field in the usual location beyond DER. So you couldn’t fly this approach in IF since you wouldn’t be tracking IKL to the VPT. That said, since it’s IF and not real life, you could “cheat” and select the approach procedure and fly it using the GPS to the VPT. As for what to request with approach control, they’d have to actually look at the procedure you selected to even know that this isn’t going to be a typical approach. This is one of those “exceptions” cases where not stating an approach request and just checking-in might be the best option so you can continue as filed.

Edit: As far as working it in with the current traffic, while I’m sure it’s the most common procedure at RJTT for that runway, it might not be the best thing to try in IF at the moment.


Thanks for the help!

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